Sliding Windows: What Makes Them Special?

Ontarians usually love classic windows, such as double-hung and casement fixtures, and enamor eye-catching ones, like bay or bow units. What many homeowners often miss, though, is the beauty of sliding windows. They are not without limitations, but these simplistic units are functional as they are aesthetically pleasing.

Below are the reasons why you should consider them when seeking window installation services in Sudbury or any neighboring community.

They Are Perfect for Short Walls

Sliding window and room divider

Generally, sliding windows have a greater height than width, making them natural fixtures for rooms with a low ceiling. Their dimensions allow them not to eat up precious wall area.

Thanks to their short and broad design, they let you decorate your space with abandon. Sliding windows are often mounted higher, providing room for furniture to sit beneath them.

They Capture Wide Views and Catch Lots of Light

All standard sizes of sliding units come with plenty of glass. Their full panes never fail to frame incredible panoramas and pull abundant sunlight in. As a result, they can make any room look and feel larger than they really are, making them a good choice for spaces that seem claustrophobic.

They Provide Good Ventilation

Sliding windows typically have two operating panels. Although they can only provide 50% net-clear opening at best, they do deliver top-to-bottom ventilation. When designed with prevailing winds in mind, they can help purify indoor air, combat excessive moisture, and keep your home fresh during the hottest months.

They Are Not an Outdoor Hazard

Like double-hung windows, sliding units do not crank out. Their panels glide sideways and never interfere with outdoor areas that often get a lot of foot traffic.

If you are looking for a transitional glass unit, the one installed between two closed spaces like a kitchen and a patio or a deck, a sliding window is one of your best bets.

They Need Little Maintenance

Construction worker installing sliding windows

Unlike other operating units, sliding windows do not have many moving parts. Their operation does not rely on pulleys and springs, which tend to wear quickly. Without such TLC-intensive components, they typically last a long time with minimal upkeep.

Some experts say that sliding windows are hard to clean. They might be right in the past, but modern design advancements have already solved those problems. Even when installed in upstairs rooms, low-maintenance sliding units are not painful to clean on both glass surfaces.

They Are Energy-efficient

Almost all windows on the market these days are arguably energy-efficient as long as they have double panes and insulating gas. Draftiness, however, is a common criticism toward sliding units. Thankfully, contemporary designs are considerably airtight to address previous weatherproofing dilemmas.

They Lend Themselves to Customization

Like other fenestration products, sliding windows are available in a bevy of frame colors, hardware styles, and grid patterns. Unlike other operating units, they usually pair well with picture windows to add a ventilating element to otherwise units with nothing but fixed panes.

It does not take an architect to fall in love with sliding windows. They are not suitable for every location and situation, but they are always worth the consideration.




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