Sleepless Neighborhood: What You Can Do to Improve Your Situation

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You might not live in the quietest neighborhood, but that doesn’t mean your job will understand that you’re always late due to lack of sleep. Your life cannot adjust to the discomfort surrounding you; the more realistic approach is to find ways to function as normally as possible despite the inconveniences you face.

Of course, the first step to fixing neighborhood issues is to speak up about them in the next home owners’ meeting. But while waiting for that to show any results, you can do the following:

Find Ways to Improve Your Sleep Schedule

Being close to neighbors who like to party way too often and late into the night will take a toll on you. Though you always have the option to knock on their door and ask that they consider everyone else who needs to wake up early, you can also do other things to lessen their impact on your sleep. First on your list are shutters, which are available aplenty in Fair Haven. Next is a good set of earplugs if you can’t soundproof your bedroom. The good thing about these changes is they will benefit you even after your neighbors have decided to quiet down. Anything that lets you control the light and noise getting into your bedroom will be beneficial, and who will say no to better sleep throughout the year?

Befriend Your Neighbors

It’s hard to get through to someone who is not fond of you. They might even crank up the volume if they despise you and know you’re inconvenienced by the noise they’re making. In any situation, it’s better to be friends with your neighbors than harbor negative feelings. You’ll be living near each other for the years to come, and if there’s bad blood, the simplest actions might be misinterpreted. Don’t hesitate to make the first move. Share some of your freshly baked goods with them. Offer to carpool their children to school. The smallest gesture of kindness can go a long way in showing your neighbors that you want to be friends. Then, they will be more mindful of their actions to keep the friendship alive.

Improve Your Actions

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It’s self-serving to associate all the problems in the neighborhood with just one house. Your own actions might need improvement. Instead of focusing on what others are doing wrong, think of ways you can improve yourself. Seeing you make an effort to beautify your lawn and clean your side of the street will prompt others to look into their actions. You don’t have to say anything, but your efforts will mean a lot. No one wants to be the worst house on the block, so they will all want to make some improvements. This can show changes such as less trash around the neighborhood or earlier bedtimes, which means lesser chances of rowdiness when it’s time for you to turn in.

No one in the neighborhood is perfect. In your effort to get better sleep and stick to a regular schedule, don’t forget that you can make changes in your own lifestyle before you throw stones at other people.




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