Tom Daley and How Sewing Can Help You Create a Wonderful Home

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Truth be told, there were several notable Olympic athletes that caught our attention. Who would forget the dramatic turnaround of much-decorated American gymnast Simone Biles or the 14-year-old Chinese diver Quan Hongchan who took the gold home though largely a minor?

But many would agree. One of the most eye-catching moments in Tokyo 2020 was that of Tom Daley, the 27-year-old British Olympic diver, knitting while sitting in the stands, catching a glimpse of women divers competing. What’s surprising is the young Olympian divulged he purposely did the routine to calm his nerves. Indeed, he looked like fish out of water knitting while being surrounded by his sports colleagues. But his formula worked. He would end up winning the gold medal in the men’s synchronized 10-meter diving.

Apparently, Tom isn’t just an avid knitter but is also a crocheter. Indeed, his eagerness to knit only shows how useful a handicraft is to while your time and calm your nerves. But that serves a greater purpose while the virus is still at large. You can actually use your talent to create by hand to good use.

That’s exactly why we’re showing you how sewing can give your home a timely makeover. It may sound like a long shot. But when you take a closer look at it,  there are actually proven-and-tested sewing projects you can try to showcase your talent and brighten your home at the same time. Here’s how.

Hammock Chair

Some would argue sewing isn’t as hard as knitting or crocheting as you’re just putting together pieces of cloth. But that’s missing the point. To come up with a great design, one must put to good use one’s artistic skills in sewing. Or you could fall short of a stunning piece.

A hammock is a great sewing project as it’s spot-on for kids and shorter adults alike. With summer still with us, hanging one can mean tons of fun for the young ones. And the best part’s the project won’t take an arm a leg to get going. Needed wood and rope can easily be found in your nearby hardware store.

Your key to success is to ensure that your end-product cloth hammock is sturdy enough to withstand all the weight, about 250 pounds should do. It should not cave in on the first try. As for the seat, you can buy the fabric at a local fabric shop nearby strengthened by your very own sewing machine of course. And yes, should you pursue this project, you’ll have a lot of peace and quiet as Tom did.

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Cotton Block Throw Pillow

As you are well aware, sewing is basically a dressmaking skill. So aside from making your home more beautiful, you can also choose to sew dresses to make people look as fabulous as ever.

In this regard, vintage patterns should come in handy. With their easy-to-follow instructions, coming up with a stunning dress should be a walk in the park from these collections. Plus, ordering them online can be a cinch.

The advantage of sewing throw pillows is obvious. They’re so simple just about anyone can make them happen. You can even use a basic sewing machine and still come up with a gorgeous piece. Their ability to complement your sofa is tops. Alternatively, you can also put some on your bed.

The trick is to choose a good combination of color fabric. The usual navy blue accented with coral and white should be spot on. But you can also experiment with other color combinations to suit your tastes.

Fabric Heart Coasters

Fabric heart coasters are not only simple, but they’re also very adorable. Anyone, even a newbie, should be able to sew these with ease. If you’ve been sewing for some time, this project is a great way to make the most of fabric scraps that you’ve been wanting to throw for the longest time but haven’t. You can suit your style to fit Valentine’s Day celebration or the yuletide season as it’s coming.

Throw Blanket

Well, winter is coming whether you like it or not. So coming up with as many throw blankets as your sewing hands can is wise. What’s more, this project need not stretch your sewing skills too much. They’re simple to achieve and truly enjoyable.

To get this going, you just need two pieces of choice fabric and your dependable sewing machine. Of course,  you can choose to add more to the design should you want to. For instance, you can use fabric paint t factor those stripes.

A throw blanket once done is handy. You can even use it as a picnic blanket for this summer. Just find a little corner in your room to position your sewing machine and you should be good to go, accompanied by all the peace and quiet you need as one Tom Daley did.




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