Scandinavian Home Elements and Pieces You’ll Love


Scandinavian design has been increasing in popularity worldwide for its minimalist and functional aesthetic. While this look may seem simple at first, there are a few key pieces that can help you create a Scandinavian-inspired home.

From furniture to accessories, read on to learn about the elements of Scandinavian style and how to incorporate them into your own home.

Design Elements

Minimalism is a critical element of Scandinavian design. Adhere to this concept by keeping your home free of clutter and decor that doesn’t have a purpose or meaning. When designing your space, try to leave out natural materials, such as stone or wood.

Add light-colored upholstery to let light filter into the room. Introduce metallic finishes to help create a sleek, polished look.

Neutral Color Palette

Typically, the Scandinavian decor has a neutral color palette. It means painting your walls white, grey, or another cool neutral shade. While you may only have the budget for one room to be painted entirely in this color, you can apply it throughout your home via other décor items.

For example, if you want to paint just one wall in your living room, you can add a white or black vase on the end table to provide visual balance.

Wood and Leather

Scandinavians love wood and leather for home décor items such as coffee tables and ottomans, which have a natural quality apparent in most Scandinavian homes. For example, try using a modern coffee table with a sleek design and birch veneer.

If you’re looking for an ottoman that is functional and stylish, you can find many stores selling them online. The smooth leather finish provides a luxurious feel, while the quality wood structure ensures this piece will last for years to come.

Lights and Candles

The elements of Scandinavian decor include light and candle accents, which create a peaceful ambiance in any space. For example, try using wall sconces for lighting rather than overhead lights.

A candleholder is another excellent addition to your home décor that can go with almost any style. You can find modern candlestick holders at stores like Amazon or Target, while art supply stores sell candlesticks in various designs.

Different Colors

While most Scandinavian homes are decorated with cool neutrals, some have pops of other colors throughout their home. It includes using bright green for an accent wall, painting chairs red to add energy to the room, and using a mix of bright red and blue accents to create a fun Scandinavian vibe.

Try painting an accent wall if you want to introduce other colors into your décor. It gives you the freedom to choose whatever color suits your home best without having to commit all over your walls.

Artwork and Accessories

The elements of Scandinavian style include natural materials, wood textures, and artwork to tie it all together. Try adding accessories to your space that have these qualities.

You can look for pieces that fit your home’s theme and classical Scandinavian style. Search the web for prints or paintings that will tie your décor together.

Furniture Pieces

Since most Scandinavians have a minimalist aesthetic in their home, they rely on furniture rather than decor for the character. You can add the elements of Scandinavian design to your space by choosing furniture with a sleek and modern design.

For example, consider adding a leather swivel armchair or corner chair with a chic square back, another critical Scandinavian element.

Outdoor Spaces

Since the Scandinavian design is known as a relaxed, minimalist style, it applies well to outdoor living and indoor. You can find furniture and décor items made from metal and wood to make your backyard look sleek and modern. Consider adding an outdoor fireplace or fire pit for those chilly nights outside under the stars.

You can also decor your parking space with oak frame garages that will protect your vehicles from the outdoor elements. Many stores sell these pieces online, and they’re relatively easy to install.


Scandinavian homes are known for their use of natural elements, including indoor plants and flowers. To accomplish this look at your home, you can place vases with fresh tulips or other botanicals on the coffee table.


These greens and flowers will blend well with your other décor items and give the room a fresh and natural appearance.

There are many elements of the Scandinavian home design that you can add to your space to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. So, if you’re looking for a change in your home décor, consider giving the Scandinavian design a try. You may be surprised at how much you love the results.




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