Property Viewing: House Parts and Areas to Inspect for a Home Purchase

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There is nothing more fulfilling than purchasing your dream house. But when it comes to your real estate journey, property viewing is a part of the overall home-buying equation.

Property viewing is precisely what it is—inspecting a potential house for purchase. When searching for prospective properties, you’ll typically search online or get some recommendations from your family, friend, or colleagues. Once a particular house has caught your attention, you’ll decide to check the place or attend an open house.

During your scheduled property viewing, you must be highly critical. You don’t need to be an expert realtor, but be wary of certain house parts and areas. Still, it’s best to hire a real estate agent who can assist you in inspecting a property.

That said, here are house parts and areas to check during property viewing:

1. House Interior

When looking to purchase a property, the house interior is the topmost priority. That said, below are house areas to inspect:

  • Kitchen: The kitchen is said to be the heart of a home. Since it is a place for cooking and food preparation, you want to ensure its utmost safety. Be sure to check the kitchen sink, countertop, backsplash, and even the kitchen island. Don’t forget to factor in the kitchen appliances and build-in systems.
  • Bathrooms: The bathrooms are the most used and abused in a typical house. First, check the number of bathrooms and see if they can accommodate your family’s needs. Also, ensure that the plumbing system is in top shape and working condition. Lastly, consider the bathroom fixtures and see if you can replace or update them.
  • Bedrooms: When it comes to bedrooms, make sure you have enough for yourself and your children. Just ensure the basic bedroom requirements, as you can still update them according to your family’s needs and wants.
  • Living area: Crucial to your living space is the floor plan. Ensure that the living room lies in the center of your house for home entertainment and family bonding. Also, check the electrical wires to see if they can keep up with your home appliances and systems.
  • Flooring, basement, or crawlspace: You must not neglect these house parts as well. As much as possible, you must have a stable floor, whether wood, vinyl, laminate, or tile flooring. Also, check if the property has a basement for various purposes or a crawlspace for storage.

2. House Exterior

Now that you’ve inspected the house interior, you can go outside and examine the exterior. These outdoor parts are crucial in protecting the home and maintaining the property’s structural integrity. Here are exterior systems to inspect:

  • Roof and gutter systems: While your roofing system protects the house, its gutter systems direct rainwater into a proper drainage system. Be sure to check if the shingles are curled, holed, displaced, or gone missing. Also, consider other roof parts like the flashings, fascia, soffits, and eaves.

house roof

  • Siding or wall cladding: Be sure to check your house exterior and see the wall cladding materials installed. Whether vinyl, metal, or natural stone siding, make sure that it does serve its purpose. And that is for house exterior protection.
  • Doors and windows:  They make the facial façade of a house, which can contribute to its overall curb appeal. However, they have functional purposes by regulating the home temperature, boosting its energy efficiency, and reducing energy consumption. Check what door and window types are installed and see if you can update or replace them.

3. Outdoor Space

When it comes to a home purchase, you must not neglect the outdoor space. Keep in mind that the outdoor landscape has a huge say in a property’s curb appeal. It doesn’t have to be in its best form, but see if you can transform it once you purchase the property. Below are outdoor elements to consider:

  • Lawn: If you want to have a large yard, consider if the property has a lawn. You might want to have a vast and healthy turf for outdoor activities.
  • Garden: Also, consider if the property allows for the cultivation of plants, trees, and vegetation. This factor is crucial in your home purchase decision. This consideration applies, particularly if you have a green thumb and love to pursue outdoor gardening.
  • Hardscapes: Lastly, don’t forget to see the outdoor structures if they are well-maintained. These include the deck, patio, driveway, walkway, water fountain, and retaining walls. All these can contribute to the property’s curb appeal.

At this point, you have now ticked off the property-viewing checklist. When inspecting a house, consider the interior, exterior, and outdoor space. All these will determine the overall aesthetics and functionality of a potential property. With thorough inspection and critical selection, you’ll make your dream home come true.




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