Home Guide: Helping You Prep Your Garage for the Winter

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Even though the icy winter season is still a few months away, it is always a good habit to carry out the preparations as early as you can. You might already know that those chilly months can be pretty nasty to your home and the yard. Depending on your location, winters can bring in lots of ice, wind, snow, and rain. Yet even mild winters can be challenging for your house.

The winter wind can topple branches or trees that could damage your roof, the heavy snow can ruin your landscape and cause basement leaks, and the cold weather itself can freeze your pipes. But if there’s a part of your house that requires attention during chilly months, that is your garage. Whether you use it to store your car or as a workspace, it’s a must to properly winterize it to avoid costly repairs. Not sure how to get started? Check out the tips below.

Invest in a heating system

This can be obvious and pretty expensive but installing a heating system in your garage is definitely worth the money. Installing one allows you to maintain a regular temperature in the garage and save you the hassle of stepping into a chilly room during winter. You’ll need to consider the size of your garage when picking the best type of heating system, including the correct British Thermal Unit (BTU) to go for.

If you like to minimize the risk of fire hazards and something easy to maintain, it’s best to opt for an electric garage heater. However, if your house is readily set up for access to natural gas and has proper ventilation, a gas-burning garage heater can be ideal. If your garage is quite old and has less insulation, it’s best to first consult an expert if this can impact the heater’s performance.

Organize the contents

Cleaning and organizing the garage space is a common task every homeowner should tackle, no matter the season. The last thing you want is to start winter with a messy space. Dust off those corners and surfaces and sort out the things inside. Thorough cleaning and organization of the garage aren’t just for the sake of not having a dirty space. This is also an easy way to locate areas that require attention or damp spots that must be fixed before the chilly months arrive. At the same time, this enables you to see everything inside the garage and get rid of unwanted items. What you should be keeping in your garage are the things you need regular access to.

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Check your garage door

The next thing you need to look into is the garage door. Check if it is making any noise when you open and close it. At the same time, make sure to also inspect your overhead door, as well as the hinges and other moving parts. Lubricate them if necessary. If you have extra money and don’t have enough knowledge and skills in conducting the pre-winter inspection and maintenance, hire a reliable garage door repair company to look at it. These professionals can detect even the smallest issue with your garage door.

One easy task you can do is clean the dirt stuck on the rollers, track, and the door itself. That stuck dirt can trap in moisture that can freeze during the winter season, leaving your garage door opener stuck too.

Get rid of certain things

While garages are typically utilized as storage areas, too, there are a few things you shouldn’t store in it, especially if you’re located in an area with a harsh climate. These items should also be out of reach of pets and kids. For one, avoid storing paper materials or bird seeds and grass seeds as these can attract pests in your garage. Don’t let them have a feast in your garage. If you have propane tanks in there, move them out to a covered outdoor spot or in a shed.

In addition, avoid storing things that can be affected by frigid temperatures, either on their effectiveness or consistency. These include household chemicals, cleaning products, weed killer, paint, and wood stain. If you got unused or old electronics stored in the garage, it’s best to move them out too to avoid condensation and rusted circuit boards.

By tackling these simple tasks, you can avoid pricey implications while ensuring your garage will survive the harsh weather. Do not wait until only a few weeks or days are left until the chilly months before you start with the preparations. Winterize your garage as early as you can and prevent further problems.




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