Preparing Your Gazebo: What Should You Do?

Function area

Not only are gazebos great for a summer get-together with your friends and loved ones, but they’re also an excellent addition in beautifying your home. But just like any construction project that you have at home, gazebos can be a significant investment. In some cases, construction might reach days to weeks, depending on how skilled the contractors are.

good percentage of states in the US get battered by storms year-round. Most of the time, external structures like gazebos and pergolas can get uprooted by these strong winds and can become debris. If you’re situated in an area that does get hit by storms often, then you might be having second thoughts on getting one. Don’t worry. It’s still possible to get a good gazebo with the right preparation.


Right before making any final decisions on the matter, it’s vital to first prepare for the type of gazebo that you want in your area. Most gazebos are specifically tailored towards a particular kind of weather and region. However, there are other factors that you will still need to weigh in on.

No worries because when in doubt, you can always contact a property management company regarding repairs and home renovations.

Build Permits

Before proceeding with your plans, it’s imperative to take a good look at building codes and permits set by the community. You’ll have to check with your local builders regarding the appropriate size of your gazebo. Some building codes will need special permission, especially if your gazebo is more than 100 square feet in area, but this will vary depending on the state and city that you’re living in. In some instances, some towns will require a distance between the main structure and any auxiliary structures in the yard. Right before setting up a foundation, you can call your contractor to ensure that no water pipes and sewage lines are being hit as you excavate for your gazebo.

It’s also worth noting that only permanent gazebos can have a foundation that will need a proper water drainage system and must be anchored in place. Most homeowners would install gutters and downspouts on their gazebos so that there’s a gap on where water will be disposed of. That is an excellent way of mitigating any damage from water and erosions.

High winds and gusts can put a dent on most external structures if they aren’t held down in place. As such, it’s imperative to use metal strappings to secure the beams of your gazebo. That will help hold it down against strong winds.


Your gazebo’s canopy must be adapted to changes of weather in the region. For most homes situated in temperate areas of the country, gazebos will need to be able to endure torrential rainfall, the sweltering heat of the sun, and constant snow accumulation. Most homeowners suggest applying sealants and doing much-needed repairs every three months to ensure that the gazebo is in a functional condition.


Last but not least, it’s essential to have the right style for your gazebo. Having a thick wooden gazebo might not exactly harmonize well if your home is situated in a warm and humid state, but having a breezy bohemian-styled gazebo that’s close to the coast can help set the tone just right.

All in all, the personal style of your gazebo will depend on your preference and style.


Function Area


On weekends, everybody wants just to chill and have a good time outside with neighbors and loved ones. With a gazebo, you can have a diverse set of activities that range from outdoor barbecues, cookouts, wedding receptions, fun family activities, open-air movie marathons, or just chilling out with your loved ones.

Flexible Design

When having your gazebo, there’s no ‘standard’ way of designing it. Some homeowners want to place it in a cozy shady area where it can be a private retreat for personal use while some homeowners desire to ensure that their gazebo is in plain sight and for public use.

In addition to all these, a gazebo can help increase the value of your home. While you might not have any plans to sell your home anytime soon, this can help accelerate your home’s value.

Even though there might be many factors that you’ll need to ponder when setting up a gazebo, it’s an excellent structure to invest in. Not only will it help increase the value of your property, but it can also serve as a function area for co-workers, family members, and friends. Of course, we have to keep in mind several factors when we are installing such a structure. Whether it’s the weather, the design, or our style, structures like gazebos need to be able to withstand the elements.




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