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So you have chosen to move out of your old home and move to a new place, well, congratulations! Whatever your reasons are, starting fresh is always good. However, you will not be fresh anymore if you don’t know how to sort the stuff you take with you. There are only two probabilities. You might pack your things inefficiently, or you might be stressed about sorting your things.

If you are guilty of having so many things at home, you might not know where to start. This article will try to help you.

Start with your clothes

If you have watched Netflix’s Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, you must know that you have to start with your closet, especially if you have a mountain of clothes hiding there.

To do this, you need to sort the clothes you are wearing, from your pants, shirts, dresses, and house clothes. Evaluate what you want to keep, and then you can separate the ones you don’t like anymore, such as clothes that don’t fit you anymore or clothes you no longer feel like wearing. After finalizing these two piles, you can store everything in a box and donate the second pile to charity homes. By doing this, you are also helping those in need.

Start moving the heavy stuff

When we say heavy stuff, that means your appliances and furniture. Now, these are the things that you might want to pay attention to, as they are the investments you made during your stay in this house you are leaving. Appliances and furniture can also be like your clothes.

You can pick ones that you can still use and ones that you want to leave behind. However, remember that these things are not easy to come by. You might have spent years saving for some of them, so it is wiser to bring them with you.

To do this, you need to move them down your garage one at a time before your moving date. It is not wise to hand-carry these items and pieces, as some of them can be awfully fragile. You should look for an electric pallet jack for sale and other tools that help you move things more efficiently and conveniently.

Once you have placed all your heavy stuff outside, you can start living minimally until the big day of moving arrives.

Don’t forget to make an inventory

making a list

Everybody has tons of miscellaneous stuff inside their home that they are shy to look at, especially when packing. You might also be shocked why there is so much e-waste in your drawers. So to help you out, you need to check on everything. See what works and what doesn’t anymore. Those that you still find valuable and reusable, place in a safe box.

Find a labeled box and create an inventory of the items you have. It will help you move forward with these things as well. Stop buying more and more AA batteries when you have an exact idea of how many rechargeable ones you have.

Lastly, dispose of the box carefully. Otherwise, you might unintentionally harm other people. For example, you might not know if some items there need a second look. Shards of glass inside the box can cause injuries once you throw the box away. Thus, you should double-check everything before dropping them into the bin.

Hire a mover service

One last bit of advice. It is better to hire a moving company that will haul everything you packed rather than putting everything at the back of your truck. You might even damage your appliances and furniture if you try to do this alone.

Remember that specialists or professional services exist for a reason. They are there to help people and make things convenient for them. So after you’re done packing, let a moving company handle the rest for you. You have done enough. You only need to focus on the joy your new house will bring you.


Overall, moving out and relocating are not that easy, especially if you don’t plan well. However, with the right strategies, everything will go smoothly and stress-free. If you underestimate the hard work and effort you need to put into this task, you might end up forgetting one important thing or two.






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