Make Your Floors Look Good with These Upgrades


Floors may seem boring but they have the important job of laying down the style of the room. When people enter a room, they won’t notice the walls or roof first. It will be the floor and if you have a bare concrete floor, then your room will look very lacking.     There are several flooring upgrades with varying levels of complexity to them. You need to learn how you can improve your room’s flooring. Here are some of your best options:

Simple Vinyl

Many people decide that they want something quick to cover the concrete, so they often settle on just installing some vinyl tiles. This is pretty much like applying some wallpaper. The big difference is vinyl is much more durable than paper. The trouble with vinyl is that it is pretty boring. It works and would be a great thing for garages and kitchens. But if you want something a bit more impressive, you may want to go for something fancier. Fortunately, modern vinyl experts are selling fake tile and wood vinyl that look like the real thing but are available at the cost of vinyl. Admittedly, they won’t hold up under close inspection but they can be decent enough.

Concrete Coatings

Something on par with vinyl is a concrete coating. It puts a layer of smooth coating on bare concrete so that it doesn’t look so rough. You should be able to find companies that offer concrete coatings in Salt Lake City and other urban areas easily. Though it is similar to vinyl, concrete coatings have one advantage: They are perfect for outdoor areas. So, if you want something impressive for your patio or around your pool area, you might want to look into getting some decent coating.



This one is a blast from the past. Linoleum was a popular flooring material from the 70s and this was mostly because of how affordable it is. You can cover up a large amount of space for a few dollars per square foot. The great thing about linoleum is that much of today’s linoleum is very earth-friendly. Made from recycled materials, it lasts for a very long time. The only thing is needs is to be resealed every five years to protect it from water damage. It does look a bit cheap though and is not going to be impressing anyone.


One of the fancier options out there is using tiles as your flooring. Made of ceramic, you have your choice of tiling. It can actually be a work of art, depending on the contractor that you work with. Since tiling can be cut into various shapes, the results can be pretty impressive. You will need some added preparation to ensure that they get proper protection from all the feet trampling them.


Another good choice is wood flooring. Putting down wooden planks gives your room a traditional feel. It can get expensive though, so you will need to budget things correctly.

Many people underrate floors when judging them as part of a room. But the truth is that the right floors can complete a room’s overall look. The suggestions above are only some of the floor improvements that you can do to emphasize the flooring. It will be up to you to decide which upgrade will make your floor fit in with the rest of the room.




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