Getting That Luxury Travel Feel at Home

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People are looking forward to the chance to travel again and take a break from everything. But with the pandemic still at its peak, that may still be limited, and traveling to your desired location may have several restrictions. Sure, countries are opening their borders again for tourism, but some won’t risk flying a thousand miles just for a quick break.

If you are one of the people that has been planning to travel for quite some time but want to avoid the risk of it all, then why not just spend it inside your own four walls? That’s right, transform your house into the dream vacation you’ve been longing to have.

Not only would you be free of the paranoia with the risk of the pandemic, but you would also be saving a lot of money since travel flights have become more expensive.

Here are some tips on how to start with your home transformation to get that luxurious feel:

1. Declutter, especially the bedroom

Start by removing all the unnecessary things in your house. Heap of clothes? Neatly fold and tuck it away inside your closet. Put those pans, coffee mugs, rags, and scattered blankets to where they originally belonged. Try to remember to put any traces of work out of the way too. You don’t want to stress yourself out by seeing paperwork due next week.

With the bedroom, make sure that the bed is clean so nothing would be there to block you from lying down anytime. Sometimes, we unknowingly make the bed as a stock room for almost everything. Having a clean bedroom makes a huge difference since it will be the most important room to put your feet up and relax during your free time.

2. Clean every spot

After putting things to where they belong, start cleaning. Washing the stacked plates, sweeping and mopping the floor, and removing dust particles from tables would be more than enough to feel that relaxing vibe.

3. Switch to black-out curtains

What is more luxurious than a good night’s sleep? Blackout curtains will do the trick. These are the kind of curtains that help deliver the quiet and peaceful darkness you need while sleeping. It is also popular for increasing privacy in a room if your windows aren’t tinted, or you have nosy neighbors which can be considered a plus. They can also block sunlight that helps your room to stay cool and protect your walls and ceilings from fading.

4. Cook something different

Nowadays, it is pretty easy to google recipes and even learn them from YouTube and Tiktok. Visit your local grocery shop, and don’t be afraid to try something different once in a while. If you want to feel a particular country’s culture, plan something by cooking your entire day of food with the dishes. Some good examples would be Italian, Filipino, German, Korean, and Greek cuisine.

5. When in doubt, get some candles. Flowers and plants, too


The fitting candles and flowers can be the cherry on top for the perfect luxurious setting. Scented candles are such a plus for your bathrooms, living room, and bedrooms. Not only does it add such an aromatic smell, but it can also set the notch for a relaxing vibe. Just be careful and try not to leave an open flame, especially when you leave your candles unattended.

Flowers, besides the scent, can add a pop of color and reduce air pollutants in your home. Yes, flowers can act as an air purifier.

But if you’re one of the people allergic to pollen, you can always go for a home air purification installer who will help get rid of indoor allergens and remove contaminants from your home.

If you refuse to replace withered flowers every two weeks, best to choose a houseplant to enhance the appearance of your home. It reduces stress as well, and many kinds are fit for small spaces. Some do not need that much sunlight if that’s what you’re worried about. The best indoor flowers and plants are Lavender, English Ivy, Snake Plant, Peace Lily, Gerber Daisy, Aloe Vera, and Spider Plant.

6. Choose the right music

Music can have such an effect on both your physical and mental well-being. Music with a slow and calming tempo will make you feel like sailing by the sea or having a spa in a five-star hotel. It can have such a powerful effect on you! There is a lot of calming music online that will do the trick. You can even play while cleaning, doing your work, or just relaxing by the sofa. Try to play some music when you wake up, and rest assured that you will be feeling upbeat throughout the day.

7. Put some art or change it all completely

Adding some extra decorations to your home might be a game-changer. It can be challenging with all the varieties and art themes and might be an overwhelming activity to choose the right color palette to fit furniture.

If you have a limited budget, find flea markets and second-hand vintage shops near you to buy art pieces. But if you have the budget for it, try to support local small businesses. Several creatives sell their art in thrift shops and even online.

Revamping your home to have that luxurious feel can be as simple as planning what to do and finding a spot in your home that needs change like new wall color, sofa, some floor tiles, or it can be just as simple as adding a framed painting, a vase, or a small statue as decor. Tight budget? There are a lot of vintage shops that sell second-hand furniture and art pieces.




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