Living Room Remodeling: How Much Will It Cost?

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The living room is one of the focal points in any home. Making it look and feel good can boost the property value and attract potential buyers should you sell it. Even if you don’t, you still want to make it comfortable. Netflix and chill, right?

However, how much will it cost you to remodel it, especially if you’re living in Utah? Use the list below to get an idea:

1. Painting

The quickest way to change the appearance of any room is to update the paint. The cost of such service usually depends on the size of the room.

The Beehive State has some of the biggest living spaces in the United States. The average size is over 2,000 square feet with three to four bedrooms. According to the National Association of Home Builders, these properties might have a living room that spans nearly 320 square feet.

Meanwhile, Manta, which offers a list of remodelers, revealed that the material cost per square foot is around $2, while general contractor fees can reach up to $725. Doing the math, you could spend at least $1,000 (excluding labor and other related charges) for living room painting alone.

2. Door Replacement

You can choose many designs for doors, and the cost will depend on your preference. For example, a steel door replacement for the entryway could mean spending at least $1,881, according to the 2020 Cost vs. Value report. However, the average return could also reach 68.8%.

If it’s a high-end project like a fiberglass door replacement, the cost could be a staggering $9,000 with a return of 53%.

Professional door installation could cost almost $200, depending on the size and design of the door, as well as the complexity of the process. A good example is replacing a standard door design to sliding.

3. New Windows Installation

The 2020 Cost vs. Value Report showed that upgrading the windows to vinyl could reach $17,000, although this could already cover all sections of the house. The estimated return value is about 70%.

Meanwhile, Manta revealed that most homeowners in Salt Lake City paid between $357 and $479 for window replacement, although the average cost is $418. These figures don’t include labor and other related fees.

4. Flooring and Carpeting

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The data from Manta showed that the average spending is about $9,700 for hardwood floor replacement or installation. You can bring it down to $8,600, but if you want to use the best materials, get ready to spend at least $11,000.

However, the cost already includes the entire home. For the living room, most contractors charge per square footage. According to Manta, the cost of hardwood floors in Salt Lake City will range from $7 to $9. If the average size of a living room is 320 square feet, then materials alone could be worth almost $3,000. General contractor fees could reach $1,400.

5. Home Entertainment

Would you like to make your living room into an indoor cinema? You can invest in a surround sound system, which could cost around $625, according to Home Advisor. If you want to choose the best equipment, the spending could reach nearly $3,000.

Remodeling a living room in Utah costs money, but the price range is also wide. You have enough wiggle room depending on your budget and needs.




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