Learning the Importance of Trees in Preserving the Environment


Trees are one of the essential parts of our environment. They give us food; through the different fruit-bearing trees, people can eat and get the nutrients provided by fruits. Trees produce oxygen as a byproduct of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis happens when a plant uses the light of the sun to convert carbon dioxide, water, and minerals into oxygen and glucose.  Without oxygen, human beings cannot breathe and survive. In fact, humans may experience complications in their brains and ears when they lose oxygen for just a few seconds.

There are many benefits we can get from trees. Every part of a tree may be utilised. From the roots to the leaves, there are ways on how it can help make our life better and improved. The trunk is one of the most sought after part of a tree. When a tree is cut, it is used for its lumber. As we know, lumber has many uses. It is used to construct buildings, houses, tables, chairs, boards, and many more. At the same time, paper is also manufactured with the use of the trunk. The trunk is ground and machine processed into a product that everyone makes use of.

Since trees are provided us with a lot of things we are currently using right now, it is also vital to give back to the environment and ensure that every tree cut down is replaced with two. We should take care of the trees. Tree management experts in East Grinstead and all over the country have been helping us give the proper attention that trees need. Certain services like consultancy and health care are provided to sustain their growth. They can also reconstruct the environment with their knowledge and skills.

As stewards of the environment, how can we value and protect trees? Here are some ways to do it.

1. Save Paper

Conserve the use of paper. As much as possible, use all areas of a paper, especially the back page. Do not just throw them after using. You can give it to the junk shop or stores who buy used materials. They can reprocess those papers to make recyclable papers. This is usually done by newspaper companies to lessen the use of paper and to save the trees.

2. Ebooks

The use of digital books is now trending in today’s society. Since printing companies are also shifting their mode of production, it is important to advocate to decrease the publication of paperbacks. Start buying ebooks or digital books which you can read on your phone or gadget.

3. Plant Trees

Planting trees

After every tree is cut, make sure to plant a new one for replacement. It may take years for it to grow before it can be cut again. Protect them by not allowing the small trees to be cut by loggers. Let them thrive first and do its function as a provider of oxygen and food. Laws should also be identified to assure and defend their growth.

These are only some of the ways we can give back to the environment and care for our trees. There’s much more we can do such as recycling and reducing our waste. Make sure that you do your part.




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