Is Your Yard Revealing More About Your Personality Than You Have Realized?

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Do you believe that we should never judge a book by its cover? If you believe that, do you practice it with all your heart? Do you never think about what a mess your neighbor’s living room could be because they couldn’t prune their trees, remove dead leaves from their yard, and take the weeds out of the grass? Admit it. We’ve all been there. At one point, we felt like we knew how messy a house could be inside because the yard wasn’t as well-manicured as ours. That’s just how our brains are wired.

Like your garage door installation, your yard has a somewhat weird personality. It’s not part of the street, but it feels okay to let people see it. That’s why it’s okay to tend to your garden while your neighbors pass by. It’s also okay to fix or wash your car while people jog and wave at you from the street. But is it okay to sit on your couch and watch TV while your neighbors try to see into your home?

A yard is like connective tissue to a street. When neighbors come over to talk to you, they don’t ask permission to step inside your yard, though that’s still private property. It’s like an unspoken rule that people can cross that invisible barrier. And while some yards have short fences, these serve more as a decoration or border rather than a limitation.


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You have been a focused and organized person your entire life. Why should your yard be any different from your room and its immaculate setup? You take the time out of your busy schedule to prune the trees, shape them evenly, and take out even the smallest weed from your grass. There’s nary a blade of grass out of place. Everything is impeccably clean. There’s little drama here. You even have a gazebo and a little arbor. Your garden supplies are all stored in a box in your garage.


You have always dreamed about having a well-manicured lawn but have never gotten around to getting to do it. You even shopped for gardening tools and seeds, but these have just taken space under your kitchen sink or the garage. Your neighbors can see you for who you are based on the unruly shrubs and leaf piles in your yard.

Face it: you’re great with ideas, but you’re not exactly the most action-oriented person. You should hire a gardener or ask someone who loves to garden to tend to your yard. Remember that the state of your yard also affects your neighbors.


People who love to be the center of attention and receive praise will most likely have a well-manicured lawn with rare flowers and plants. They want their yards to be as popular as them in real life. Every one of your plants requires attention and tender loving care. You don’t even use cheap fertilizers for them. Your natural compost is being talked about by neighbors because it’s just so good for your plants.

With your lawn, you can be as carefree and creative as you want to be. It’s the perfect canvas for creative people who love to tend to a garden. If you want to impress guests and neighbors, at the very least, prune the trees, shape the plants, weed out the grass, and grow some colorful flowers.




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