Interior Design Trends to Liven Up Your Garden Space (Even More)

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Interior design trends can transform a dull-looking home into a new-looking and interesting humble abode. With little design tweaks, nods, and accessories, you can accentuate and add character to any room in the house — including your garden room.

Here’s how you can design your garden room into a better version of itself. Consider the following trends:

Accentuate the Edges

Whether you’re interested in accessorizing your throws and cushions in different ways or bent on improving the design of your lampshades, adding bobbles, tassels, and fringes to the fabric gives these small details a new look.

Clash Your Patterns

One of the most promising design trends of the year is clashing patterns. Bring life to a monochromatic garden room by filling the spaces with a variety of clashing shades and patterns. Consider combining abstract shapes with simple floral prints or eccentric animal skins.

If you’re uncertain with “going crazy” with patterns but want to know what it could look like, test out the design with your throws and cushions. Look for a comfortable snug area or a simple sofa space in your garden room to re-decorate. If you love the patterns, go crazy with them!

Go Green

You can never go wrong with a natural look for your garden room or conservatory. Soften the look of the room with lighter green paints. Also, fill the room with plants and flowers for a calming and relaxing atmosphere.

Add Comfortable Sofas

indoor plants with comfy sofa

Make your garden room a go-to retreat by adding comfortable sofas, particularly sofas made from velvet. An L-shaped velvet sofa offers the perfect perch for you and the family as you spend the day or night bonding over games and food. Settle on the same couch and read a book to enjoy alone time after a hard day’s work.

Increase your sofa’s comfort factor by throwing in plenty of cozy cushions. Also, complement the design of your room by adding pillows in a subtle shade or tone of your choice.

Add a Bar at Home

Your garden home is the perfect place for a cocktail cabinet or a home bar. Whether you choose to buy a trolley so you can move drinks in and out or invest in fully-decked bar furniture, an at-home bar makes it more fun and more comfortable to entertain family and friends.

Designing Your Garden Room

The final design of your garden room depends on what you want to do with it. Also, consider the paths you take in your yard to avoid obstructing the main entry. Think about the views of the room, too. If you want to add a wall in a particular corner of the room, would the wall block the view? Will enough sunlight enter the room?

Once you’ve finalized the intent of the room, consider the types of structures and plants you want to add. When choosing plants, don’t just focus on the height, color, and smell of the plants; consider the touch and sound, as well.

A little decorating can go a long way for your garden room. Consider the suggestions above to transform your natural sanctuary into a better version of itself.




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