How to Tell If an Appliance Should Be Fixed or Replaced

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When it comes to home maintenance, it’s not just about cleaning gutters or sprucing up your yard. Taking care of your appliances is also a big part of it. You have to clean them regularly, replace filters, and use them according to the manual. The thing is, no matter how careful you are with it, appliances are bound to break down. Whether it’s due to wear and tear or external causes, they’ll be broken sooner or later. The big question is: do they need to be replaced or can they still be fixed?

Find out if you should call a service or head to the nearest appliance store:

Age is Not Just a Number

Contact a refrigerator or dryer repair service if the item is only a few years old. You might have missed something regarding the usage or maintenance. It might be a minor problem that could be fixed immediately by a professional. If you bought an extended plan, it could be protected under a warranty. Whether it’s dishwasher or a washing machine, newer appliances are worth the effort to fix. This is because they’re much more efficient in water and energy usage. They also tend to have more features that suit your needs better when compared to older counterparts. Take newer models of clothes washers, for example. Nowadays, a lot of washing machines don’t have central agitators. While it helps clean and rub fabrics, agitators also cause lint on your clothes. On the other hand, the latest washers rely on impellers to get the dirt out. The friction is gentler and there’s more space in the machine so you can wash more clothes in a single load. Although you have to spend some money to have them fixed, their efficiency makes them worth the investment.

Money is the Key Deciding Factor

Repairs can be very expensive. If a part has to be replaced, it may have to be ordered abroad or even custom-made. Besides that, you also have to pay the cost of labor. According to Home Advisor, professional fees can be as low as $50 and as high as $150 per hour. Unless you have deep sentimental reasons, it’s just easier to let go and buy a new appliance.

At the same time, brand-new appliances aren’t exactly cheap. Depending on the store, you may also have to pay for pricey shipping fees. Before you make a decision on the fate of your fridge or stove, do some research. There may be a deal on appliances at a nearby shop. Perhaps you can buy the broken part yourself. It will bring the total repair cost down rather than have the service buy it for you. Cover all your bases before you spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on an essential part of the house.

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Safety Should Be the Priority

When it comes to broken appliances, the best case scenario involves a minor fix. Maybe all it needs is a reset or an adjustment in the settings. The worst case scenario is if it endangers you and your family’s health and safety. It can be possible for a variety of appliances. A gas stove can explode and shatter the glass doors. The wires of microwave ovens can break and start a house fire. Even your fridge can damage your house. The danger with electric appliances is the wires can fray and the circuits can overload. It may be fine in the beginning but the damage might catch up with you later.

It’s important to be proactive. Don’t ignore the red flags and warning signs. When you smell something burning, find the source immediately. Unplug your appliances when they’re not in use. If it’s not working as well as before, get an expert to take a close look. If it starts to make awful sounds, it might be better to get a replacement.

Functions First

After several years of usage, the performance of an appliance is bound to lower. Its parts have gone through wear and tear. The appearance is also different. Even if you clean it regularly, the colors and the markings would likely fade. The key is to determine the extent of the damage. If it only involves a single part, contact a professional. If you’ve tried different fixes and it’s still not working, head to the appliance store.

Home appliances can break the bank. The prices can be as low as a few hundred dollars to around a grand. The good news is that you can save money by following a few steps. Follow the manual, call an expert when you notice some red flags, and let go when it’s time.




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