How to Repair and Care for Concrete Floors

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Concrete is among one of the most popular building materials commonly used in most construction projects. Concrete can be used to create flooring, countertops, homes, and other structures. It is a durable material and requires minimum maintenance, unlike other building materials. However, concrete can also be prone to cracks and other damages.

That is why proper care and maintenance is important for all building materials including concrete. There are also concrete repair companies in Salt Lake City you can go to in case you need fixing for your concrete floors and other structures.

Cleaning concrete floors

Concrete floors are durable and easy to maintain. However, it has porous properties that can absorb liquid and cause stain marks. It is also prone to mold and mildew accumulation. That is why concrete floors should also be maintained regularly as well. Here are some tips on cleaning and maintaining concrete flooring.

1. Use a power washer.

This is one way to clean concrete floors faster and more efficiently. Make sure to read the instructions before using the equipment. Avoid using a brush with metal bristles as it can damage the concrete material. Use gloves and protective goggles while doing the job.

2. Use the right stain removal products for concrete.

Bleach and ammonia can be used to remove concrete stains, but never mix these two. There are also commercial cleaners that are meant for cleaning concrete. You can also use homemade cleaning products by mixing hydrogen peroxide and flour. Never use bleach in polished concrete floors.

3. Clean concrete floors depending on its location.

If it’s an outdoor concrete floor, you can use muriatic acid to remove tough stains. But for indoor concrete flooring, use a mop and a gentle detergent or cleaner instead.

4. Apply sealant to your concrete floor.

Experts recommend sealing once every two to three years. It will keep your concrete floor more resistant against stains and dirt and make it look like brand new every time.

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Repairing concrete cracks

Cracks and other signs of damages can appear in concrete over time. Before it becomes worse, it should be dealt with immediately. Here are some ways to lessen or prevent concrete cracks and damages.

1. Remove trees that can damage the concrete surface.

Trees grow over time, and so are its roots. At some point, root growth underneath a concrete structure can cause damage to it and result in cracks and uneven surface. It may be a good idea to remove trees that grow near concrete surfaces to avoid these situations. Better yet, do not plant any trees near concrete at all.

2. Clean the area first before repairing.

Before repairing, make sure to clean the concrete surface first. Use a hose or power washer to clean the surface of any dirt and grime, then let it dry.

3. Prepare the cracked area for repair.

Using a chisel, create an area that is wide enough to be filled with concrete mix and ensure it fills up the gap entirely. Smoothen off and let it sit overnight, then apply a sealer to ensure it stays in place.

Caring for concrete is important — just like any other building materials — to ensure it lasts a long time.




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