How To Help You Identify The Root Cause Of The Low Water Pressure In Your House

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Do you experience low water pressure in your house even if you’ve already replaced the pipes? Chances are there are other reasons why you’re getting water pressure problems at home.

Water pressure problems at home can present themselves in various ways– and all of which are equally exasperating. Your bathtub may take quite a long time to fill, or a showerhead may not provide you with the force that you want.

If you notice that you’re only having an issue with one fixture, there’s a chance that the problem lies in that fixture alone. But if you’re having water pressure problems in the entire house, then it’s best to figure out its root cause. But how do you do it? So, to help you with it, here are a few questions to ask yourself when fixing the water pressure.

Did you check the water meter valve if it’s completely open?

In most houses, two primary shutoff valves control the water. You can find one of the shutoff valves, which is the water meter valve, near the water meter on the central city supply pipe that is serving your house. Usually, you won’t shouldn’t do anything with the valve since it belongs to the water company. But if you’re experiencing low water pressure, then you can try to check if the lid isn’t fully open. Repair services usually close it when they need to repair something in the pipes. If the handle is at an angle that points directly to the pipe, then it means that it’s not entirely open.

Is the primary house shutoff valve open?


Aside from the water meter valve, you also need to check the main shutoff valve to see if it’s off. It’s usually located inside your house, right where the primary city supply pipe goes through the foundation wall of your home. Similar to the water meter valve, the primary shutoff valve, repair services also close it after doing some repairs to the water system. If you experienced the water pressure problem after getting something fixed from your water line, then there’s a good chance that they didn’t fully open it after the repair.

Do you notice the pressure regulator failing?

Another common reason why most houses experience water pressure issue is a faulty pressure regulator. It’s the one that helps reduce the input pressure in your entire plumbing system so it wouldn’t damage the pipes. If your house has one, try to get an actual reading of the water pressure by using a gauge attached to the outdoor hose spigot that’s nearest to the pressure regulator. Then, get a new lowara centrifugal pump to help fix the issue.

Does your home still have any old steel water pipes?

One of the most severe reasons why people experience water pressure is because of corroded galvanised steel water pipes. Coincidentally, it’s also one of the most expensive ones to repair. That’s because you need to re-pipe the entire system with new plastic or copper water supply piping to fix it. One way to tell is if there are any significant signs of corrosion in any of the pipes.

These are only a few questions that can help you solve your water pressure problem. If you feel like you need a professional’s help, then feel free to contact a repair service to help fix it for you.




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