How Much Should You Spend on Hardwood Flooring?

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Homeowners in Santa Ana, CA, should expect to spend almost $9 per square foot to install hardwood flooring, which includes the cost of labor and materials.

A bigger floor area requires a larger budget. An average installation can cost $9,551, but your home’s value can increase by nearly $7,130 once you decide to sell the house after installing hardwood floors. If the upfront price is too steep, you can choose to install laminate flooring in Santa Ana, CA. Laminate floors only cost $550 on the low-end range while high-end installations can cost up to $7,000.

Sample Measurements

The cost of installing hardwood on a 1,282-square-foot space will cost around $10,700. The quality of materials will affect the total price, although the reasonable price costs around $5,900. Professional labor takes the second-largest part of the budget. You might need to spend more than $4,200 for almost 67 hours of installation work. Equipment, materials, and supplies can cost around $550.

If you need to remove the existing flooring before installing hardwood, some contractors can charge extra for the additional work. The usual surcharge costs $0.20 per square foot. Ask for quotes from at least three different flooring contractors to compare rates.

When Can You Walk on Newly Installed Hardwood?

The area must be free from foot traffic for at least six hours after installing hardwood. You shouldn’t wear shoes when walking around the new surface. Wait for at least two days before rearranging furniture and seven days before putting carpets.

Installation work takes three days, but you should expect a more extended timeline when you ask for finishing and pre-acclimation. You can choose to spend more on installing pre-finished hardwood to save time.

Lifespan and Resale Value

Well-maintained hardwood can last for up to 100 years if you choose a high-quality material. Hardwood flooring doesn’t only increase your home’s resale value. It also attracts a broader market for potential buyers. A study even showed that 54% of house hunters would invest in a property with hardwood flooring.

You only need to pay attention to dents and scratches to keep the floor in good condition. Hardwood can be refinished multiple times throughout its lifespan. However, the usual price for each refinishing ranges from $600 to $3,500.

Dos and Don’ts for Maintenance

You can avoid spending a lot on refinishing hardwood when you follow simple steps for care and maintenance. Don’t use a soggy mop even if the hardwood floor is resistant to moisture. Use pads for heavy furniture each time you need to move them.

Some species of hardwood might become discolored when exposed to sunlight for too long. The same situation can happen with standing water.

Some homeowners want to install hardwood since it makes the floor space look bigger. While a typical installation costs more than other types of flooring, certain benefits such as low maintenance and higher property resale value outweigh the high upfront price for the installation. If you’re still undecided, talk to a professional installer to know the best option for your house.




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