How Much Does It Cost to Repair Garage Doors?

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The cost of repairing garage doors in Lehi, Utah, can cost at least $91 on average rates for professional service. Most homeowners in the city usually spend $275 while others spend more than $400.

Service quotes are mostly the same for other areas in Utah County, but you should still compare rates by asking from at least three different contractors. The actual cost for your garage door might be different based on the type of repair. If you hire a general contractor, the overall cost can increase by at least $33 as additional payment for their fees.

Repair or Replacement?

A replacement for a broken garage door will be more economical if the cost of repairs will be more than 50% of the price for a new door, which is also known as the 50/50 rule. However, replacements will be more expensive if you plan to use a different type, such as switching from single to double doors. Additional work such as electrical wiring for smart controls will also affect the actual price.

Don’t forget that removing and disposing of the old garage door and its parts will increase the cost of labor. Removal and disposal can account for a 20% mark-up in labor fees. Homeowners who want to change the garage’s opening, hardware, and exterior frame will also contribute to a higher price.

Common Signs for Needing Repair

In case you’d rather fix an existing door, there are common signs that indicate a need for repairs. Some of the common problems include doors that don’t fully close, which are often caused by warped or loose tracks.

Do you have a hard time each time you try to open or close the door? Broken springs might be the culprit. You should fix this problem as soon as possible, as worn-out springs that are connected to metal cables can break in half. Garage doors without enough support from cables can fall on you or someone in the family.

Types of Garage Doors

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You can ignore the 50/50 rule for repairs if you’ve been using a garage door for more than ten years. Minor repairs, no matter how cheap, will still add up over time when they become more frequent. It can be confusing to look for a new door if the last time you bought on was ten years ago, but there are specific ways to narrow down your choices.

Single doors often come in vinyl, steel, custom wood, and wood composite. Steel is the most affordable yet prone to heat loss. More homeowners have preferred plastic because it looks better than steel, while others have used wood composite due to its environment-friendliness. If you like the appearance of solid wood, the upfront cost will be more expensive than the other three types.

While you can spend below $100 for repairing garage doors in Lehi, Utah, you should avoid contractors that quote incredibly low rates. Most contractors in the city offer service guarantees that are valid for up to two years. If you can’t find one who provides a warranty on artistry, your next best option is a licensed and insured company.




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