How Do You Know Whether Your House Needs a Second Floor?

House Needs a Second Floor

Many people these days find themselves lacking the space they need in their homes. If you’re completely maxed out in space, there are two options you have: move out or add space to your existing home. But moving out is not as simple as it sounds because what if you love the location of your current address? What if everything—the school, your workplace, the restaurants, and the launderette—are accessible?

You can opt to construct a second floor to your house. Thanks to beautiful staircase design and its easy installation mechanics, that’s one problem that you can cross off your list. But the question remains: Is it economical and practical to add a second floor to your house?

Consider the Space Needed

Can you simply declutter your house? Maybe that will give you enough space to store the items you need to save or free up an additional room? If you have a garage or basement, can you consider turning this into your kids’ room? Could that be a solution to your problem? Consider the space you need and whether you can add another room to your backyard. That’s no issue if you have a large backyard, but what about when you have only a little patch of a garden at the back? That’s when you start thinking about adding a second level to your home.

Check Zoning Regulations

Before making a decision, consider the zoning laws and regulations in your municipality. How near can you get to your neighbour’s fence? Do they have laws on how high or low your house can get? If you live in a historic district or community that wants to preserve their one-storey homes, adding a second floor is not an option for you. But if you want and need that space, you can file a request and see if the board will approve it. Your immediate neighbours need to be notified of your plans.

Consider a Partial Second-floor Level

Do you really need a full second floor? Maybe you can add a second storey to your garage? Or maybe you can add a loft? The problem with a full second floor is that you’d have to think about the foundation of your current house. If it cannot carry the weight of a second level, you have to replace the slab and the posts. You’re renovating not only to add a second storey but to strengthen the foundation of your first floor, too. The cost may be too overwhelming for you.

Compute the Costs

Speaking of the cost of adding another floor to your house, this is one of the costlier options you have. Adding a room to your backyard is cheaper than adding a second storey. Selling your current home and moving to a bigger space may even be more practical if you take into account the hassle of having to live in a house under construction.

Adding a second-storey level to your house is a big commitment. You need to consider a lot of things before diving into this project. You also need to think long and hard about your budget. Aside from the cost of construction, adding space to your house means higher property taxes.




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