Ways to Extend Your House and Increase Its Value

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A common problem many homeowners have is a lack of space. The average home size has been decreasing throughout the years, resulting in modern houses having drastically different sizes than houses from years ago. But is the lack of usable square space really the issue? Or can this be rectified by clever design?

As the years go by, more and more people are beginning to appreciate and understand efficient design. With the popularity of tiny homes and the innovations it has introduced to the world, more people feel empowered to ‘extend’ their houses through clever means. Below are some ways you can add square space to your house without overhauling your property’s design.

A Loft Conversion

If you have space in your attic that is not being used, repurpose it to become a loft. This way, not only are you adding value to your home, but you are also creating a new functional space for your family. You can use the loft as an extra bedroom, a home office, mini theater, or basically anything you want. If you decide to turn it into a hobby room, for example, you can use the vertical space for shelves and other storage. If you have the extra budget, you can even open up your roof and add a double-glazed window to let more light in.

Redesign Your Basement

The basement can be one of the least utilized spaces in your home. You might be using it as a storage area for things you are not sure you still need to keep or have to throw out. If this is the case for you, then maybe consider transforming it into another living space. Turning your basement into another bedroom or family room is a great idea. But if you really need the space for storage, consider finishing your basement still. A well-lit and properly finished basement is more inviting and adds to the value of your home too. Make use of functional storage, have a well-thought-out floor plan, and either add windows or a lightwell to let in more natural lighting to your basement.

Closet Nook

Turning a closet that’s recessed to the wall into a nook might not add a large amount of space to your house, but it does open up your rooms to more ideas. By doing away with a traditional closet and opting for more space-saving storage techniques (like an under-the-bed pull-out drawer), you can turn your closet into something far more useful. Add a study corner in your children’s room. Or create a work-from-home space for yourself. A closet nook is an easy project that, with proper planning, won’t take too much time and effort.

Open Your Space

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Think about the current state of your home. Is there a part of your house that feels cramped, or is there a small room that you can probably do without? If so, then really consider taking down some walls to open up your space more. Perhaps you can have your kitchen and dining room flow into each other, or you can try having floor-to-ceiling windows in your living room. Allowing more light into a room can do wonders and make it feel more spacious and breathable.

Add a Porch or Patio

A relatively simple way to add usable square footage to your home is by adding a patio. By opting for a non-enclosed patio, all you need to do is grab a polycarbonate roof and posts to prop it up on. This provides an outdoor space that you and your family can use while still being protected from the elements. Of course, you can also choose to have an enclosed patio, but that will require extra work to put up walls and such. Regardless of what you choose, a porch or patio is a great way to add square footage to your home.

Clear Out “Stock rooms”

One of the most prominent reasons why we end up feeling like we “don’t have enough space” is simply because our storage is disorganized. Boxes and boxes of stacked items, unused items still in their packaging, and cumbersome and large furniture fill many people’s homes. This can easily be remedied by being more efficient with storage. Utilizing vertical space for shelving and cabinets is a great way to add more walkable space to your home. Organizing your stockroom will also allow you to store more items in it. Be wise with how you store your items- you’ll soon realize you have enough space.

Buying a property with a large square foot can be very expensive. Real estate prices are continuously increasing as well. However, through clever planning and ingenuity, you can still extend the livable space in your home.




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