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Renovating or re-modeling your house either for upgrading the property before selling it or just to improve your lifestyle can be a fun DIY project or a professional makeover of the whole house. Home renovation is always a mixture of different ideas taken from every family member. But eventually, you decide on the ideas that will make it look the way you want it. Hiring interior designers when you have the budget is always a great option, too. But many times, you want to save those extra bucks and invest them in your project. Here are a few ideas on how you can level up your renovation game.

Make a Grand Entrance

In the same way that your appearance makes the first impression on someone else, your front gate or front door is also the first thing people notice in your home. From the right color to the most appealing house number plate, make sure everything is in coordination. You can make a DIY house plate using wood and resin art. If you choose to go for bright colors like teal or aqua, paint the door or gate in accordance with the underlying food or some shade of brown.

Cost-Effective Solar Installation

Solar panels will prove to be a real money-saving investment. You will have to perhaps invest a big chunk of your budget in them, but they are a cost-effective and energy-efficient means of upgrading your house in the long run. They will add a key value to the resale price of the property. It is advisable to hire a solar installation service since it’s always better to let professionals handle all the technical work.

Let There Be Light!

Your entrance should be the most well-lit portion of your home. If you have a windowed wall near the entrance, then put that to great use. There are two options you can consider as well.

  • Install a window on the wall perpendicular to the door if possible. The natural light will be a bright start for when you are giving your guests a home tour.
  • If a window cannot be built, install a chandelier with a size appropriate to your entry area. Add in LEDs of either golden or white-golden colors. While being a great touch to the entrance, LEDs will be a smart and cost-saving choice.

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A 2-in-1 Shoe Rack

You can upgrade your entrance further by building a DIY shoe storage compartment with a bench to sit on at the top. The bench will be a smart addition for taking shoes off comfortably or keeping stuff like helmets on it so that you don’t go running in the house every morning to find them.

Clutter-free Living Room

Clutter can be a bunch of furniture thrown in a single room. Some experts also say that dark and bold paint on walls adds to the feeling of being cluttered. Therefore, paint your walls in a neutral or pastel shade. These shades reflect light and make the whole area look spacious. Even if you have a big space for your seating, don’t overfill the room with sofas and tables. Invest in settings that would add definition to your room while consuming minimal space. Instead of adding a big coffee table in the middle, add small side tables adjacent to each sofa chair.

Upgrade That Kitchen

The kitchen and bathroom are something that you and even your guests look forward to the most after an upgrade. To upgrade your kitchen, you don’t necessarily need to change the cabinets. If they are in a better condition, then you can just repaint them or add new wallpapers to them. Changing the look of the cabinets will bring an instant lift to your whole area. You can invest in changing the marble top or counters if the color has faded away or if it has been damaged or chipped.

Visually Spacious Bathroom

Even if you have a small area for your bathroom, you can still make it look spacious. The key is to make it feel large. This can be done by simply removing excessive clutter and adding a full-length mirror in the bathroom. The mirror will reflect light and make it look spacious. You can mount storage units on the wall making more space to use the sink, commode, and bath.

The Bedroom

As suggested for the rest of the house, keep the bedroom as clutter-free as possible and keep the colors neutral here, too. A fresh addition of subtle lights and lamps along with mirror art on the walls can face-lift the whole area. Add definition to your bed by adding a headboard and installing a large rug tucked underneath it.

These upgrades are sure to take your renovation up a notch. A few investments here and there and a few DIY projects are all you’ll need to carry out the task.




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