Home Improvement Ideas and Repairs When Buying an Old House

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Buying old homes is a growing trend in the real estate market. Many people are loving the age-old charm of fixer-upper properties around the country. Each of these homes has its own stories that new owners would like to showcase. A renovation, conversion or extension are some excellent opportunities to bring new life into a time-worn home. Depending on your budget, there are plenty of ideas and reasons to revamp your newly-purchased old home.

Some popular moves and considerate schemes that honor the original design of the house include internal conversions, loft conversions and garage door conversion with a garage door repair. These projects are easy enough for you to reconfigure and expand the space of a dated house. If you are lucky to have period features, best to work around these assets and avoid damage to them. Here are some ideas.

Opening Internal Flow

Opening up internal walls is a wonderful way of giving the property a spacious floor plan. It will also adapt to your needs and lifestyle. Imagine how you want your space to look and work your way in the existing floor plan. For instance, would you like to have open-plan diner-kitchen space, or do you need a separate home office?  Taking down walls also needs considerations on its structural role and whether or not it keeps gas, electric, or water services. Get approval from an architect or structural engineer before proceeding with your project.

Loft Conversion Projects

loft type bedroomMany homeowners are enticed by a light-filled attic room, and this is achievable through a loft conversion project. In many old homes, the attic is a dark, damp space. You can turn this into a habitable hobby room for the whole family. Your first step is to check if this is doable in the property. You will need about 2.2 meters of vertical space for a nice loft to be constructed. If the property does not have enough headroom, it might be more expensive to pursue this conversion project. However, you can always consult a professional for work-around options.

Garage Conversion Projects

Converted garage space is ideal for an extra living area or a home office. It can also be an extra guest room for visitors to stay in. If the garage is attached to the main house, it is an easy project to complete. Most single garage provides more than enough space for a playroom or snug. Double garages can give you more flexibility if you want to convert it into extra indoor space. Check the space for soundness and waterproofing. It may need insulation to comply with the standards of the local building regulatory board.

Old houses are indeed quaint and many people are falling in love with them. The idea of renovating these homes is to keep their age-old charm while updating their features. It is easy to pursue renovation projects if you have the right plan and budget. These conversion projects can create a home that’s adaptable to your lifestyle while keeping its period features intact.




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