Extreme Home Makeover Aftermath: 5 Post-construction Tips

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Major home renovations are big projects that can take days or even months to complete. Your home will see many changes while the work is being done, from messy demolitions to just as messy reconstructions. Problems may come while on the job but detecting them early and resolving them when you see them can prevent separate expensive repairs in the future.

And when the project is finally done, there are a few things that homeowners should always do before settling back in and going about their lives like normal. From the thorough checking of all the construction work done to putting furniture back to its designated positions in the house, here are some of the most critical steps you should remember post-renovation.

Thoroughly Check Everything

The absolute first thing to do when a home construction job ends is to check everything. Thoroughly examining whatever it was that was built or demolished will help you assess if the work is actually done or still needs some revisions. This will prevent you from cleaning up and moving on only to find later that something was wrong and you have to fix it again. Especially if you hired a professional to do the renovation for you, you must inspect the entire project with your hired engineer or worker and get them to fix the imperfections before you pay the bill. This can save you from spending more if you find a problem and calling them back for a redo. Also, check the terms of your contract with the hired professional. If sizable damage is found in your home that is not included in the construction job, check to see if they are liable to fix those for you.

Prepare for Retouching

Once you are finished checking everything and have already called the work done, you should take steps to fix minor damage on your property due to the renovation. These can come as scratches, chips, or holes on your ceilings, walls, floors, and other properties. You have to repair these blemishes immediately to limit the times you have to clean up after the construction. Of course, these can be prevented and minimized by taking steps to protect your house even before the work begins. But simple repainting, buffing, patching, and any other retouching or repairing job must be done right after the renovation.

Clean Everything

After fixing things, you should start cleaning up all the dust and litter from the construction work inside and outside your home. No matter how big or little the renovation was, there is bound to be a mess left behind may these be dust particles, wood shavings, tools lying around on the floor, or leftover materials that can be stored for future use.

Primarily because of the scattered dust, cleaning everything properly can help to prevent problems like dirty air ducts, bug infestations, and allergic reactions. Sweep the floors or use a powerful vacuum to get rid of most particles, then take a damp microfiber cloth to wipe everything from the ceiling and walls down to the floor. This can be a tough job, especially when the renovation leaves much clutter in your home. In this case, you can consider hiring a house cleaning service to do the task for you.

Air Out Your Home

Airing out your home is the next step. After the retouching and cleaning up, your home may still have that distinct “renovation smell” either from dry wood, paint, industrial glue, or other chemicals used for the task. These fumes are unpleasant to the senses and can also cause respiratory problems and even more severe diseases like cancer after prolonged exposure. Leaving some windows open to circulate air into the interior of your home should help, but when doing so is not your best option, there are some other ways to remove them that you can opt to do.

Rearrange Your Home

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When your home is finally free from dust and fumes, you can start putting everything back in its rightful position. Furniture can be moved back into the room, curtains reinstalled, and appliances plugged back in. You may even decide to buy new items to suit the renovated area better.

With the renovation, post-cleanup, and rearranging of your home done, you are now free to once again enjoy the comfort of your house. You have ensured that your living space is safe for you and your family. You are fully prepared to take on the aftermath of your next home renovation using all the mentioned steps.





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