Don’t Ignore That Noise Or Smell In Your House

Some homeowners can be very tolerant when it comes to the condition of their homes. They sometimes do it to save a bit of money. After all, if you can tolerate a smell for a bit, you won’t have to pay for repairs or replacements. But that approach can be dangerous. There are some noises and smells you shouldn’t be ignoring. Here are some of them that you should immediately spring into action for.

Clanking Noises

If you hear clanking noises in your home, you should figure out what is causing it. There are a variety of possible reasons. One of the more popular ones is your radiator is having issues. When it isn’t draining the water from itself properly, then it makes a lot of noise.

A quick fix is to ensure that the radiator inlet is fully open. If it is, then the issue might be inside the radiator itself. Fixing something that serious will require the help of a technician from a professional HVAC company. The fix might require a pump replacement, and that is too complex for amateurs.

Scratching Sounds

Hearing sounds coming from your walls sounds like a horror movie scenario, but it is a very real situation. The scratching, skittering, and even squeaking coming from your walls are a bad sign that something alive is in there. There are several potential suspects. It could be mice, squirrels, or even raccoons.

If you know how big the space is between your walls, you can estimate how big the rodents can be. For small rodents, a few traps should be enough. While it is tempting to use poison, it can also put you in danger. You should also look to block out any entrances to prevent more pests from coming in. Larger wildlife like a raccoon or a possum will require a professional to handle it.

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Whistling Noises

When you can hear the wind whistling in your house, that can be concerning. If it is near one of your windows, then you have an immediate suspect. The whistling can come from a crack in your window frame. Strong winds could be enough to make that noise if there is some damage. It is also possible some weather stripping has been knocked loose. Come back when it is daylight and fix the window so that it doesn’t become a leaky one. Another potential reason for whistling in your house is that you have a dirty filter in your furnace.


A musty smell is another thing that can be wrong that people ignore. If a part of your house smells this way, then this might be a sign of mold. Mold is a major health hazard once it gets widespread enough. The spores that large patches of mold emit can cause major allergic reactions. For those with existing conditions like asthma, it can be even worse. If you smell mustiness, especially in your kitchen or basement, then you should look closely for a mold infestation so that you can clean it up or have it cleaned.

Rotten Egg Smell

When you smell rotten eggs in your house, then that can be caused by several things. The usual one is of a broken sewage system. Hydrogen sulfide is a natural byproduct of decaying sewage, which means your sewer pipes or garbage disposal are backing up. If you smell the rotten egg smell from your water, then sewer gas is building up in your plumbing.

Calling in a professional is your best option for this. Additionally, you might take note of any sump pumps that you may have. These are usually to remove water from your basement. If you smell the rotten egg smell from them, then it might be a warning sign that they connected to the sewer system somehow.


The scent of smoke is a definite sign of something bad. While large amounts of smoke are noticeable and should be easy to identify, the real issue is if it is only a whiff of smoke. If you only smell it occasionally and no one you know smokes in the house, it might be a sign of electrical smoke in the walls. Immediately call an electrician to trace the problem.

The noises and smells above are warning signs for deeper problems. If you’re unlucky or slow to respond to these issues, then your home might end up getting damaged. It is always a good idea to fix things in your home immediately. While expensive and can cause some inconvenience, it will save you money in the long run.




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