Custom Home Construction: Mistakes that Can Inflate Your Budget

wood frames of house construction

Everyone knows that building a house from scratch in Ontario involves a high level of stress, especially when the project becomes unexpectedly more expensive due to a fateful oversight. You need to cover all the bases to avoid one mistake from rendering your entire budget a disaster.

According to experienced custom home builders in Guelph, Waterloo, and Woodstock, below are the common errors to keep in mind to avoid financial ruin.

Forgetting About the Site

If you are like many Ontarians, you have probably bought the piece of land long before dreaming about the structure you intend to build on it. Although water, sewer, electricity, and gas are already available in the area, it is imperative to think about the cost of connecting to such services.

Before focusing on the architecture of your house, pay attention to site preparation first. Municipal zoning and environmental remediation are some of the key considerations you should not overlook. Otherwise, you might have to take out a much bigger loan or spend more months saving money for the down payment.

Making the Site Adjust to a Home Design

Bringing your dream home to life is high on the agenda, but you might have to give up some of the design elements you envision if they do not make sense in the landscape. The house should adjust to the site and not the other way around.

Moreover, there might be architectural restrictions that you can’t ignore. If you live in a close-knit neighborhood, not everything about your proposed property design can get the green light from the homeowners’ association.

Drawing Floor Plans Before Preparing a Realistic Budget

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Much like the relationship between the site and the house, the floor plan must adjust to the budget. Unless you have bottomless funds, you have to be realistic with the architectural elements you put together.

To make sure your designer can draw a floor plan you can afford, talk to a lender first to see how much you borrow. This way, you can determine the boundaries of your finances, so your designer does not have to suggest ideas that are beyond your pocketbook.

Choosing a Designer that Does Not Get Your Style

When it comes to hiring a designer, working with one that understands what you want matters. It is your family who will be living in the house, so its functionality and aesthetics should be consistent with your sensibilities.

Skimping on Material and Labor

Buying cheap building supplies and using an inexperienced crew is not the right route to keep your expenditure to a minimum. The immediate financial rewards might be distinct, but you are going to get what you pay for.

If you hire the lowest bidder, quality might be sacrificed. As a result, you might have to tackle new projects to correct what is wrong and spend way more than what you initially wanted.

With hundreds of dollars at stake, it is wise not to rush through budget planning. If you give the financial side of your construction project enough thought, you will live through it with much less stress.




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