Using Wood to Create a Chic Modern Bedroom

modern bedroom with wood elements

The bedroom is one place in your home where you run to for comfort. It’s where you can enjoy privacy with a bag of chips, iced tea, and a whole season of your favorite series. It’s also the best place to be when you want to just shut out the world and sleep the whole day. That’s why it’s important to have a bedroom design that will reinforce your place of refuge. And wood is one of the best materials for this.

Most manufacturers of hardwood floors would say that wood can be the best choice for beauty and durability in any bedroom design. It comes in different shades, shapes, and textures that can work for whatever design you choose. Here are some tips to help you incorporate wood into your design to achieve that modern chic bedroom space.

Dark Wood Contrast

Roasted coffee-colored wood partnered with black and white can bring an Asian feel to your bedroom. You can use this dark wood solely for your bed frame and headboard. And the rest of the room will have your blacks and whites. White walls, black lighting fixtures, a white bed sheet matched with black pillows.

Where you put the rest of the pieces is up to you. And you don’t necessarily have to use black and white. You can go for dark gray, light brown, or beige. Just remember that this look is meant to bring out the luxurious contrast of dark on light.

Colored Wood Accents

When you talk about wood in interior design, what automatically comes to mind is the plethora of shades of brown. But it shouldn’t have to stop there. You can keep the texture of a wood panel wall but paint strategically positioned panels a loud color like yellow, or orange. The color depends on your overall bedroom theme. Using colors is the easiest way to create accents in a wooden monochrome bedroom.

You can create an accent with only one color, or take on the Boho-Chic design and use more than one. A bright red lamp in one corner can light up any wooden shaded room. You can even go as simple as using a colored bed sheet in the midst of light wood planks and boards. Just keep in mind that the color is just to create an accent and not to take over the beauty of a wooden room.#

bedroom with wood bed frame

Wood Feature Walls

Creating feature walls is now a huge trend in interior design. A feature wall is a good way to try out different textures and colors that can bring out a design that stands out from the rest of your bedroom. Carefully choose which wall you’ll want to use for this design. For a bedroom, it’s usually the wall where your headboard is. But if you have a larger room, you can also choose a different side.

Creating patterns with wooden planks is a common way to design a wooden feature wall. Horizontally positioned planks in brown and red are a good option for a wall in a light-colored room.  You can also use wood layering with backlights to create an ambient feature wall perfect for the modern chic bedroom. You can use this design to showcase your own style as a focal point in your bedroom.

Raw Wood Textures

Raw wood is the perfect way to create a natural and organic vibe in a bedroom. Its light color and random textures bring a style that’s closer to the outdoors. Raw wood is a common material for both Rustic and Bohemian designs. You can use it for all the wooden fixtures in your bedroom. Or just position one large piece as an accent. The good thing about raw wood is that it’s a design all on its own. It’s just a matter of where to use it in your bedroom and how close to nature you’ll want your space to be.

Wooden Storage

Using wood for your storage is always a good idea. When made of wood, these pieces can bring out a warmer and comfy feel to a bedroom. You can have wooden cube bedside tables, Oak wood cabinets, light wood drawers, raw wood chests, or gray-painted storage benches. If these will be the only wooden pieces in your room, make sure that the color and type of wood will match the overall design of your room.

Wooden storage can also work well as an accent. If your room theme is in a dark color, you can have a light-colored bedside table and lamp. Its look and texture can give the perfect hint of chic to your bedroom.

Wood is a very versatile material used in interior design. With the right mixture of its different shades and textures, you can create a modern-chic bedroom that will give you the warmth and comfort you’ll want to come home to every day.




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