Cheap Home Renovation Ideas for the Busy

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Nothing is more expensive than time. No amount of money can buy the time lost to doing something unproductive. Most millennials now work several hours a day to make ends meet. Full-time workers, for example, work for an average of 8.5 hours a day. Multiple jobholders usually work for around the same amount of time. There is a pressing need to perform more to earn a fraction of what the previous generations earned. The salaries have been increasing at a linear rate while most of the expenses are increasing exponentially. Most of the younger people have no choice.

The same kind of mentality also applies when they are appropriating their own homes. The skyrocketing debt around student loans and the unreasonable costs of living have become so staggering that more and more young graduates are pushed to stay and come live with their parents. Most of them also do not include purchasing their own home as a long-term option. It has become increasingly difficult to save up to buy a new home. Student loans have become so bad that people spend decades just paying off the interest.

Sadly, the shift towards lessee-ship and homeownership has become like this due to the entire economic situation. There is a certain amount of freedom owning a home offers that no rented apartment can ever offer. It comes at the cost of being bonded by a long-term mortgage if you are ever lucky enough to get one. Those who are on their way to owning their first homes are extremely blessed and fortunate. For those who have homes but cannot afford to renovate them fully: what are some of the cheap home renovation options, you can do to spruce up your residence?

Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen renovations do not have to be extravagant. There are multiple ways you can decorate your own home without breaking the bank. Some people say that the most important part of the kitchen is the stove. I beg to disagree. Personally, I think countertops are the most important part of the kitchen. Countertops offer flexible storage options for the owner. It is also considered the main workstation of the cook. Renovating the countertop might be a good idea for one who is saving up. New countertops offer the owner flexibility to use the kitchen however they like. These additional working spaces are cheap by the square foot. These are one of the most used surfaces inside the home. Treat them nicely, and surely you will reap the benefits.

Window Panes


Window panes are an underrated part of the home. Windows allow natural light to come inside the home and brighten the deepest corners of the house. It also allows you to look outside and see something entirely different every day, rather than spending the entirety of your day looking at concrete walls and wooden floors. Replacing your window panes might become costly. Rather than completely replacing it, consider pressure washing the entire thing instead. It is relatively cheaper, and it can entirely change the outlook of your windows. It removes years and years of accumulated dust and gunk and makes windows look almost brand new.

Bathroom Storage

What’s cheap, easy, and useful to do with your bathroom? Adding a simple cabinet for storage can easily make your bathroom classy from bare. Bathroom storage is an undervalued and underestimated addition to any bathroom. Aside from the ease of picking the correct cabinet for the bathroom, it provides additional storage for the stuff you will store inside one of your kitchen cabinets. Solely bathroom supplies can be stored there: such as tissue paper rolls, bathroom towels, bath towels, bottles of liquid soap, and toothpaste. You wouldn’t struggle to find the stuff you need anymore while taking a bath!

Bedroom Light

Adding bedroom light fixtures, also known as mood lighting, is another way you can add more life to your home without spending too much. The oldest trick in the book about interior designing is that you manipulate the way light plays around inside a room to make it look bigger — whether it is through mirrors, skylights, or windows. Bedroom mood lighting is a good way to broaden the view and mood of your room.

Aside from the utility bedroom lighting brings, studies have shown that bedroom light can improve sleeping patterns and can help you feel well-rested. Having enough rest can make you feel ready to face the challenges that lie ahead in your day. Bedroom light can also help you bring more intimacy and more peace inside the most sacred part of your home.




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