Can Shades Boost Your Windows Energy Efficiency?

Homeowners have many responsibilities for keeping their homes comfortable.
In this YouTube video, viewers learn about energy-efficient windows and how they work.
Some windows can be treated with a transparent metal coating (called Low-E Coating,) which delays heat transfer to the inside of the home. When less heat enters a home, the owner uses the air conditioner less.

In addition to buying the best windows, homeowners can conserve energy with motorized shades. These shades are programmed to open and shut at carefully planned times.

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Purchasing these programmable blinds will provide homes with the maximum HVAC efficiency.

Having shades on a schedule means that homeowners don’t have to take time to open and close the blinds. Homeowners will be happy to know that the timing of the shades can be controlled by an app on their phone. With this ability, people need less artificial lighting in their rooms and save money on energy bills.

Opening windows allows sunlight into a room to save energy costs, but also causes the sun to fade the color of carpets and furniture. Motorized shades prevent this fading. These motorized blinds allow it to appear the home’s resident is in the house even when they are on vacation. These motorized blinds provide a beautiful style plus extra energy efficiency.




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