A Pop of Color: 6 Ways to Brighten Up Your Living Room

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Color is a powerful expression of one’s personality and mood. It can also be added or achieved if you want a change of vibe in your house. Whether you want a lively and cheerful welcome or a plain, dark, and elegant design, color is a way to do it. There is absolutely no right and wrong, and everything is based on your personal taste and preference.

If you feel like your living room has grown a bit too gloomy for you, you can always spice things up and make it lively. You may want just a touch of color and brightness or go all the way with colorful and dramatic designs. The following can be a good start in bringing your living room back to life.

Colorful Rugs and Curtains

If you have a plain everything—plain walls, plain furniture, plain decors—you can always add a colorful rug to light up the room if you want just a touch of color. From there, you might want to carry on the colors. If so, you can add a lively curtain that matches the colorful rug. Curtains and rugs are the best choices to alter if you’re feeling too dull but on a budget.

If a lively rug becomes too much, you can still cover your bare floors with a large light-colored one. It adds softness and texture to the floor and lights it up without feeling heavy. When choosing a color or a color combination for your rugs, you can reach for white and ivory ones, yellow, and a warmer tone.

Light Wood Floors

If you’re up for a renovation, light-colored flooring is best for the areas in your house where most people walk by on, such as your living room. Not only will it brighten up the room, but it will also hide scratches.

light wood floor

An Eye-catching Art

Hanging up brighter artworks to a dark and dull living room can make an absolute difference. They can light up the room and change the gloomy mood into a pleasingly bright welcome.

However, some people can be a little too much when hanging up artwork around the room. You can go wrong with putting up too much art or any decors, in general, if the room is lit well enough. It’s best to use art to brighten the room instead of adding more lighting.

Improve Lighting

Lighting is everything; it can take the entire room to a different level. Aside from the general overhead lighting, putting up fairy lights or stylish floor or table lamps will definitely make a cozy and welcoming mood without being too much. You can also try lighting where it aims at the walls and the ceiling, illuminating the areas where it’s usually dim and sad.

If you prefer to save energy, a large window and mirrors are always a superb choice. You can’t go wrong with natural lighting. Aim your mirrors across windows and lights so that they can contribute to the brightness without additional energy being used or wasted.

Painting a Wall or the Ceiling With Calming Colors

The color of the clear blue sky has the power to put someone in a better mood even when it’s relatively cold and gray out. A touch of the color of the calm sea gives you a sense of peace and serenity. Creating a calm and bright design on just one wall can make a big difference in the ambiance of your living room.

Complementary Opposite Combinations

Focus on your couch because it is the first piece of furniture to make a statement for the entire living room. If you have a plain sofa, you can always add throw pillows with colorful and cheerful designs. One pillow can be a plain colored one, another can be a white-striped one, and if that’s still not enough, you can add another one that has an entirely unique design to complement the first two. Being a little braver for your living room design can give life to the former dark and dull room.

Whether it comes to color or texture, mixing and not matching is a wonderful way to achieve everything that complements one another. As long as you don’t feel like something is too out of place, express yourself freely without worrying if things will go with one another. You can always tone it down if you ever feel like it’s too much.

Different people have different tastes and preferences, and it’s up to you to put up a design that introduces a little of your personality and sense of style. As long as everything feels right for you, you can’t go wrong, especially if you’re artistically inclined. You can also always ask for help if you’re not entirely sure of your choices.




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