Bathroom Vanity Features the Professionals Recommend

One of the most important aspects of your bathroom is your vanity. When you are choosing one, you want to find one that maximizes both style and function. Let’s go over some top features that every professional will recommend.

In-drawer outlets will allow you to reduce clutter. This will allow you to keep electric toothbrushes, hairdryers, and more plugged in and kept off the countertop.

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It’s incredibly convenient and adds a high level of functionality.

The next improvement to make to your bathroom cabinet or vanity is a bottom drawer below the sink. While a full-size drawer is difficult right below the sink, a popular option is to implement a drawer below the bathroom cabinet on your sink. This gives you a full drawer, maximizing your storage capacity.

Your vanity should also have a mix of shallow and deep storage. Mix up the depth and width of your storage to hold small items like makeup and hair ties and larger items such as electronics.

Many pros will recommend pull-out storage and organization. These will hold larger storage organizers to use for hair styling tools, trash cans, or more.

View the video linked here to learn more and visit your local vanity store today to get started!




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