5 Tips to Earn More From Your NZ Farm


If you’re a farmer in New Zealand, you probably know too well that maintaining outstanding farm production season after season is never easy. It takes tons of hard work, great climate, and the use of appropriate technologies and farming techniques to ensure abundant yields.

As mentioned, having the right farm machinery is critical in setting the right conditions for a nice yield. Fortunately, there are many companies offering farm machinery and power equipment to NZ farmers so they can perform their farm chores better. But aside from just having the proper hardware, what else can you do to improve your farm production?

Here are some tips that NZ farmers like you should follow to maximize your earning potential:

Plant money crops

It’s said that market gardening involving vegetables such as onions, lettuce, and potatoes is a multi-million-dollar business in New Zealand. There are also other money crops such as citrus fruits and berries. Money crops are called that way since they have a ready and stable market. So, the first tip is to go for these money crops, which should be pretty easy for you since their seeds are easy to source plus growing them is a relatively straightforward affair.

Grow winter vegetables

One thing you could do to maximize your farm’s earning potential is to plant winter vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, spinach, winter lettuce, celery, and many others. The great thing about growing these crops in winter is that the number of pest and weed problems get lower during winter, plus you get enough rain to keep the crops healthy.

Less maintenance means more time for other things such as your family or side jobs. Most importantly, you’ll still earn from your farm throughout the cold months.


Use modern farm equipment

If you have a large piece of land to work on, planting your crops manually is not the most efficient way to go. Instead, you should get proper farm machinery to let you do farm chores faster and more efficiently. If you’ve been asking yourself, “Where can I find the best farm equipment near me?”, the good news is that there is no shortage of farm equipment for sale or for rent in New Zealand. The more efficient your farm processes are, the fewer man-hours you have to pay for (in case you have farm helpers).

Establish irrigation and flood management systems

Your crops should have a steady and ample supply of water for them to grow quickly and stay healthy. With this, you should ensure that there is an irrigation system in place for this purpose. Additionally, you should make sure that appropriate flood control facilities are in place to prevent the crops from drowning in case of torrential rains.

Practice crop rotation

While others may think that planting just one type of crop is the best way to go since it’s lesser work, rotating crops is actually a better means of maximizing farm potential. By alternating crops, you can discourage bugs and pests from continuously attacking your plants since these organisms often target specific crops.

With these tips, you can enjoy a good harvest from your farm every time. Additionally, you can earn money from your farm every season since your farm has crops planted in it throughout the year.




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